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1. Pick Your Favorite Suit

When you click on a particular photo of an athlete, think of the photo as a "stylized look" as if the PFG team chose the elements of the suit in the photo as "the best of the best" to send that competitor to the stage in their best suit.

When it comes to rhinestones on the suit, please refer to each product's description. The rhinestone design will be the same as the design in the photo, but sometimes will change color based on the fabric you choose or because of the rhinestone connectors you choose. With some of the more intense rhinestone designs with multiple colors, the design will stay the same, but the rhinestone colors will change to coordinate with your fabric choice.

2.Pick your favorite color/Fabric

Next to the photo of the actual athlete you will find the same fabric but in the other colors offered in that fabric. Choose the one you want.

3.Add your favorite hardware

Now that there are so many options for rhinestone connectors, you can go to our Bikini Hardware or 2 Piece Hardware page, and choose one of the groups. We have arranged these groups so that all of the pieces coordinate and help guide you in finding a aesthetically pleasing look.

Can't Find what you want?

Different Fabric?

Write the fabric name from the Fabric Chart

Rhinestone color change?

Describe the rhinestone

Reference any changes in the "Additional Information" section after shipping address is entered in checkout

Different Vision?

Choose our custom route by emailing us at

Reference the fabric, rhinestone connector group, rhinestone design, and the rhinestone color you'd like, or send us a photo of something you like.

We will confirm those elements with you along with a price quote. There are so many fun things we can do with our suits, but it would take too long to show them all!!