Meet The Founders

Perfect Fit Gear

Perfect Fit Gear is a custom apparel company that offers unique, one-of-a-kind, posing suits for athletes involved in bodybuilding and fitness competitions. Founder, Anita Sowle, started creating figure suits as a hobby and creative outlet. She then sought the help of long-time college friend and fellow apparel design graduate, Jay Nelson, to help expand her vision.

With two creative minds, immersed in customer service backgrounds, PFG has now grown into a respected, nation-wide business that has more that doubled its growth each year since inception. Anita now also operates Sparkle Ridge with her husband making western show clothes.

Customized, Personal Attention

What makes Perfect Fit Gear most unique is their ability to truly offer a tailored shopping experience for each client. Each client has the opportunity to sit down with the designers and see, with their own eyes, all of the fabric options, the hardware trims, and the rhinestone colors that are available to create their very own glamorous suit. Both designers follow the idea that, "At the end of the day it’s our suit, on him or her, on stage - how good it looks on them is a reflection of us.” It is this attention to detail that drives Jay and Anita, who even offer full styling for their competitors, to continue to strive for perfection. It is for this same reason that each garment is a "Perfect Fit" for each unique competitor.

Just picked up my Miami attire!!! One word WOW!!! THANK YOU Jay and Perfect Fit Gear. Absolutely perfect.”

”PFG suits are amazing! I love my custom bikinis!

”To say that PFG is awesome would be an understatement! Jay & Anita are true professionals and a BLAST to work with!