These suits are appropriate for the Figure, Physique, Bodybuilding and some Fitness divisions. These suits are sewn with elastic around the edges to allow the bottoms to be pulled up nice and high at the hips.  The cups are a triangle top, but we add slight curvature so that they have more flexibility when it comes to stuffing the top or to fit over larger implants. The straps in the suit top have elastic in them so that they can be pulled tight.  The straps criss cross at the lower back and hook into the back of the suit bottoms.  

We also do a partial scrunch in the back of these suits to help accentuate the glutes.  The sides of the suit bottoms are about 3/4-1" thick unless you've decided to add rhinestone connectors to your suit bottoms.  All of these elements are standard for PFG suits and are the most appropriate for these divisions.

You will find 3 loops in the end of the straps to give adjustability.  There are small metal hooks in the back of the suit bottoms. The front and back of the suit have more of a V shape.