How to Measure Crotch Depth

Hip circumference

Measure around your hips starting where you want the front rise of the suit to sit, following around the hips where you want your connectors to sit, to the point of where the back of the suit will sit
where you want your suit to rest. match the end points of the crotch depth measurement of where you want the front rise and the back rise and circle it around your hip. It will most likely be in the number range of 26-42 inches.

How to Measure Crotch Depth. Perfect Fit Gear

Crotch depth

Measure from where you want the front rise of your suit bottoms, through your legs to where you want the top of the suit back to sit.
This is somewhere around 15" on average.

How to measure crotch depth. Perfect Fit Gear

2 piece circumference

Measure from the top of the hip (where you prefer your suit hip straps to sit) through your legs and back to the top of your hip again to complete the circle. The 2 piece suit typically is resting just above the hip. Some competitors prefer the suit sitting even with their belly button. It is a personal preference. This measurement will most likely be around 28-30".