Caring for your suit

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Care for your suit

You can hand wash your suit in shallow cold water with a mild detergent such as Dreft. Rinse until the water runs clear. Most fabrics will clean easily. Wash it at your earliest convenience following your show. You want to get the tanner and glue off before it saturates in. Gently squeeze excess water from the suit. Hang to dry over a towel or tub to allowing it to drip-dry.

The hologram finish on fabrics will rub off or fade if the suit is subject to harsh scrubbing or washing.

Don’t dry clean your suit. Chemicals are likely to damage the suit.


Soaking your suit...

is not recommended. Glue is sometimes used but can get messy and ruin a suit. We recommend using 3M Double sided carpet tape instead.

We recommend purchasing a PFG ready to wear bikini for your posing practice. The coverage is similar to a stage suit and it will prevent any damage to your new PFG stage bikini.

Take care of it…. It took care of you on competition day.

Check out for a good article about washing swimsuits!